If this is your first time or even the first time in a long time getting family portraits then you must have some questions. Look below to see if any of them are answered. If not, proceed to the contact page to call or send me an email. I’m very responsive.

      what to expect
      nail your portrait session
      Where can I do a photoshoot?

      Anywhere! Remember, when you book us, we work for you. We can go to a park in the city. We can go to your house. We can go to a special location like a stadium or a coffee house. I'm mobile so let me know where you want to go.

      Where do you normally take pictures?

      Before I answer, let me tell you that you are not restricted to where I commonly shoot. I just have these places to choose from if a client doesn't have an idea of where they want to shoot.

      My common places are:
      1. The UK Arboretum ($)
      2. Gratz Park
      3. Waveland Historical Park ($)
      4. Triangle Park
      5. Talon Winery
      6. Henry Clay Estates ($)

      The ones with a dollar sign at the end require a $26.50 uncharge because of park regulations.

      Do you charge for travel?

      Travel fees are only to be applied to jobs outside the Lexington borders. This travel fee will start at $80 and may be more depending on distance of travel.

      For local jobs, travel is on the house.

      When is payment due?

      For a traditional photo shoot, payment is due at the time of service. It can be before or after the pictures are taken. However, if something happens in the middle of our session such as rain, the sun goes down or some other circumstance that involves an \"act of God\" then money will be returned if given or expected at the next scheduled date.

      Can I do a one on one shoot?

      This may seem like an odd question but I think it's valid. I only do one on one shoots with males. Out of respect for the ladies I photograph, I require that they bring a friend or relative along.

      I'm also not a fan of one on ones in general. Not just because of me but for the client as well. I find that having someone there with you helps ease the nerves and adds to the fun!

      What is your turnaround time?

      For traditional photo shoots such as families, one on ones, graduations, maternity, etc., those pictures will be ready within 15 days of the scheduled shoot.

      However, if full payment is delayed for any service then the timeline is delayed. Pictures

      Do you do weddings?

      Yes... Proceed to

      The Test Shot

      Before I start REALLY taking pictures, there will always be a few test shots. This is for me to get the lighting right for the photograph. It will consist of me snapping a picture, looking at my camera, repeat. So don't think the first few shots will be a part of the shoot. Feel free to make funny faces and use the extra time to get ready for your great shots.

      Hold the kiss

      If you are two intimately connect people (Husband/Wife, Engaged couple, Boyfriend/Girlfriend) then I'm definitely going to ask you to smooch one another. So get ready. Now, this isn't an ordinary smooch like the times when you greet one another or say good-bye to one another. No, this is the awkward kind of smooch. You know, the one kind of smooch where a stranger is all in your face with a camera. You've done that before right? Yeah, I know you have.
      Just so you know what to expect, I am looking for dry kisses and pecks. For the best shot, you'll have to hold until I say stop.

      That's where the awkwardness creeps in. Yes, it will be somewhat uncomfortable but just hang in there as I click away! Before you move on to the next paragraph, take this moment to practice ;)

      Let's Talk

      I not only want to take your pictures but I also want to get to know you. I like to connect with my clients. Let's develop a friendship!


      Don't just pose. Interact with each other. The best pictures, at least nowadays, are the candid shots of families interacting. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate. Mom and Dad, you might turn to one another and ask with a smile, \"how's you day?\", or \"What color do you wish was in a rainbow?\", or, \"You think I'm sexy, right?\" Doing something this simple will drasitcally change the feel of the picture. And if you're bringing your kids, attack them with tickle fingers. Play with them. Have fun. This will help bring out the personality in your portraits.

      Be Awkward

      I took an TV acting class when I was a teenager and the one major point that I'll never forget was that the camera removes 50% of the energy that you put into it. Granted, you're not going to be filmed but the idea still applies. There may be some things that feel awkward or weird but take a chance and do them. You'll be surprised what the camera captures.

      Bring the inside jokes outside

      Inside jokes are usually for the people...inside. So the photographer is definitely not in on it. But that's ok. They aren't supposed to be. They are just supposed to document who you are and you are your inside jokes. Inside jokes are (not all of but) a part of building a group or, in this case, a family that is unique. Let the photographer photograph those things. Now if it's strictly verbal then use it to make the family laugh. Laughing pictures are the best!

      Coordinated Toys

      Not only does the family need to be color coordinated, but so do the accessories. Yes, toys are accessories. Now, if your young child's favorite toy has a multitude of colors on it then it's not best to bring it to your session. Bring toys that have similar colors and that compliment what everybody is wearing. Having a oddly-colored in your portraits can really be an eye-sore. Try getting a wooden toy. Those usually go well with everything. If you don't have one then go over to The Magical Toy Shoppe. They'll have a good selection.

      Get Silly

      Taking pictures isn't just a routine thing for people. Taking pictures is fun! Come laugh, come play, come enjoy yourself. Trust me, the more you enjoy yourself and play, the better the pictures will turn out.

      Coordinate Clothes

      One of the most crucial thing to the way pictures turn out is color coordination. You don't have to wear the same thing like white t-shirt and jeans but it's good to complement each other's attire.

      No Gum

      It is good to have fresh breath but you have to chew before you come. I might want to take a natural interaction shot. Those kinds have pictures need to have you smiling. Mid-chew pictures can look rather silly and it's not good for your photo op. Even smiling with gum in your mouth can risk having that chewed piece on the side of your teeth. I don't think you need me to tell you how bad that looks.


      If you are going to wear makeup, then bring extra makeup. If you want your hair a certain way, then bring a comb. This will help you keep up your looks if any unexpected smudges happen or if heavy winds pick up. This especially goes for clients with children. We all know that babies and toddlers are notorious for doing the unexpected.

      Bring Tissue

      This is important to those who have frequent runny noses in the winter and fall months. Nothing is more annoying than a runny nose when you're trying to look your best for pictures.
      This especially goes for those with children. Babies take great pictures but boogers don't lol!

      Empty Your Pockets

      I cannot tell you how many times I returned to my computer ready to begin editing pictures and I see cell phones and various items bulging out of my client's pockets. It can really ruin a picture.